Having struck pay dirt with the influential Metal Gear Solid and it’s subversive sequel Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, video game auteur Hideo Kojima took a huge chance with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. If you really think about it, MGS3 had every opportunity to fall flat…

When it comes to raging, we’ve all been there. We’re checking our corners, communicating fervently with our teammates, and feel confident going forward. Then, it happens — some camper comes out of the woodwork and puts you down.

“F***ing bull****!”

It’s the only response you can default to. Because how…

Being an avid player of the franchise since it’s inception in 2006 when it replaced 989 Sports’ MLB series, there hasn’t been a single year in which I’ve missed the release of MLB The Show. Despite most of its competitors being dormant since 2013, the San Diego Studios baseball sim…

Christian Smith

Christian Smith is a writer with a passion for sports, video games, and pro wrestling. His opinions are his own, because why wouldn't they be?

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